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Atelier Beauté is a landmark of wellness, beauty and art, exclusively designed to perfect your skin and calm your mind. Discover a unique luxury experience of relaxation and skin rejuvenation. We use the best quality skin care products and top of the line equipment. Our skin experts with 10+ years of experience will deliver glowing results to any skin type.

Why Atelier Beaute?


Atelier Beaute is a full service spa. We specialize in providing you with optimal treatments, so we personalize them specifically for YOU! Our team takes great pride in our individual approach to every client. Based on your skin and needs, we combine products to deliver you the best results. Our services include Hydrafacials, Elite IQ laser hair reduction with Melanin Reader of your skin, waxing services, Keravive hair growth treatment from Hydrafacial, body treatments with Tempsure from Cynosure laser such as firming, lifting, toning, and cellulite reduction. We offer microneedling, fibroblast plasma pen, microdermabrasion, LED, and more! Aneta and Darya say ”You have so many things to take care of,so let Atelier Beaute take care of your skin for you. ”



Atelier Beaute was founded in 2020. Needless to say, it was a challenging year for us all. However, even during the pandemic we remained committed and continued to work hard to bring our ideas to life. Within a year we we were able to open up our beautiful location, build a wonderful clientele, deliver highest quality services, and partner up with two top tier beauty brands, Bilogique Recherche and Environ. Covid-19 taught us to work hard, be humble, and appreciate life. Taking care of one another and bringing happiness at this time is extremely valuable. “Stay positive, test negative!”

Woman in hot tub relaxing and enjoying the tropical rainforest

The Vibes Don’t Lie

We love what we do more than anything! At Atelier Beaute we are passionate about providing care that goes beyond your face. In addition to having the latest technologies, using highest quality products, and personalizing your treatments, we make sure to deliver the best vibes! Our goal is to provide a welcoming, fun, and inclusive environment for all. Girls’ slogan is “ Don’t forget to laugh, Atelier Beaute will fix those lines”. From music and refreshments to jokes, fun conversations, and carefully monitoring your progress- we’re here every step of the way! We are committed to progressing and keeping up with the latest science, so you can count on your beauty conoscerti to answer all of your questions!

Beauty Tips from Darya & Aneta

Darya's Favourites

Lalit VIP O2

“Best cleanser i have tried. love the milkiness of the texture, and with consistent use you can see how it brighten your skin plus let’s not deny the benefits of anti oxygenating properties of the line"

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

“I love this light exfoliator, simply because it is gentle enough to use twice daily  and does the job by removing dead cells and helping with pigmentation."

Lotion p50 1970

I Always have one small bottle at home or whenever i travel. I consider it to be my antibiotic for the skin. Everyone needs that "first aid" product

Masque Vivant

My pores get clogged pretty fast, so mask Vivant is my “sticky” helper to keep them clean and under control till i can get my facial

Mask PIGM 400

“Probably my number one product, the glow this sheet mask  gives can be compared to after  a facial glow but instead you are home, plane, car, etc.  and it took you 20 minutes to look glowy and healthy. Well...it is a just great!”

Creme PIGM 400

My favorite moisturizer, I  just get goose bumps looking at it’s texture so pearly. I add a drop to any other cream or moisturizer I decide to use that day, gives me a nice pearly complexion  and fights any possible pigmented spots from appearing on my face!


“I laugh a lot and  ironically i have a lot of fine lines around my eye area, so this cream is my savior for those. i can still laugh and keep my fine lines from settling  into more permanent deeper lines”


It is like DETOX for our skin. The cream literally saved my skin when i was breaking out after my pregnancies.


Perfect with Creme dermopurifante! This cream heals whatever pimple Dermopurifante brings out to the service without leaving the post acne mark. Love IT! Great fro problematic skin that has a tendency to break out.

Serum Erythros

Great addition to my skin regimen, I love the fact that it is water consistency and very light on the skin. Definitely helps with broken capillaries on the face without doing laser

Serum Amniotique

This serum  is my little helper  all year round, helps with keeping my skin moisturized all year round without me having to  change my favorite moisturizer to a more heavier moisturizer

Serum A-Glyca

Best fight against stubborn sugar in our skin, glucose prevents collagen and elastin from moving, and being flexible,so this serum helps to prevent glycation process in our skin and healing the one that was done in the past. This serum is an antiaging source needed in everyone’s skin routine.

Serum Grand Millesime

Great antibacterial serum which goal is rejuvenating and fighting any sign of aging. No wonder it is considered to be “ Elixir of Youth”

Aneta's Favourites

Vivant mask WOW TO ME!

it’s a game changer. Makes my skin glorious. My pores are smaller, my skin is glowy. It  is unbelievably effective when I leave it on a cystic bump over the night.

Biomagic Mask
Biomagic Masque

It is by far one of my favorite masks. It’s called the red carpet look for a reason. It gives me that incredible glow and at the same time my skin is perfectly purified, toned and even.

Cream Elastine

It took all my signs of aging away. I absolutely love its structure,it’s not too thick and not too watery, it’s just perfect. Amazing as a day cream and also great to put on my face in the evening.


When a moisturizer meets refresher and they create this perfect mist. I love to spray it throughout the day, whenever my face feels dehydrated or dull. It’s an absolute must especially when I’m traveling and also became my daily routine before applying makeup.

P50 Corps

Ever since I started using this product my skin is noticeably smoother, softer and toned. It has a watery, lightweight texture that absorbs quickly into the skin.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400

This product is a magic for me. My sunspots are fading . Works amazing .

Serum Placenta

I absolutely love this serum. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin . It is clearing up my problem spots, fading them and leaving me with that glow! It is becoming a valuable staple in my routine.

Serum Amniotique

it’s the perfect amount of moisture I needed. It helped a couple dry-ish patches I had along with making my face feel hydrated , plump, glowy and smooth.

Creme Pigm 400

It works amazing ! It leaves my  skin with a beautiful pearl glow. My skin feels hydrated and my hyperpigmentation is already fading.

Masque Pigm 400

I am obsessed because my skin has never looked better after this masque. My skin is bright and glowy. Great before any events !!!

Creme masque vernix

It's been a key piece for getting my skin back to healthy. It makes my skin so smooth, soft and hydrated. I love using this both as a masque and a night time moisturizer ( thick layer) .

Finishing serum yall O2

Totally obsessed! It plumps, smooths and makes my skin glow. No make up needed


Since i do not wear make up much on a daily basis  I still love to have an even skin tone, and this product achieves that while moisturizing my skin as a bonus

Cryo Sticks

Agh! what a feeling after! Always leave me so relaxed and refreshed. They are calming me whenever I’m stressed, taking the puffiness away when I wake up. Reducing redness and inflammation. Their ergonomic shape allows them to mold to many parts of my face and neck for a thorough treatment. I love using them over the mask. Great addition to myskincare routine, I simply cannot go without them.

Try The Atelier Beaute Experience


We all know that New York City is the apple of the world, but did you realize that Williamsburg is the apple of New York? This trendy, welcoming neighborhood with immaculate vibes is in the center of everything you need. Our beloved Atelier Beaute is located right in the heart of the neighborhood, overlooking the massive Williamsburg Bridge from our floor-to-ceiling windows. It is easily accessible by all modes of transportation and is a block away from Broadway and Domino Park, so you can add refreshing scenic experiences to your treatment.